1) In this song, Paula Abdul tells her boyfriend he’s got to remember, she’s forever his girl. How’s your memory? Do you remember things easily or do you leave yourself notes and reminders? Eh, some things I remember easily, others I need reminders. I’m good with conversations and events and names, bad with remembering what items need restocked at home while I’m out shopping or tackling an item on my to-do list that’s not part of the usual routine.

2) Paula reassures her lover that she can’t be swayed by another man, even if he gave her diamonds or pearls. Tell us about a piece of jewelry that means something to you. My engagement and wedding rings, obviously! Also, my best friend made the jewelry I wore in my wedding, so those, too–dangling pearl earrings with a matching bracelet.

3) Paula is best known as one of the original judges of American Idol. Without looking it up, can you recall the men who sat on either side of her? Simon Cowell and a dude named Randy?

4) Paula has been dancing since age 8 and moves very well in heels. Tell us about your favorite shoes. I’m honestly not sure I have a single favorite pair of shoes. But I do have a gorgeous pair of blue flats embroidered with flowers that I got at the tail end of summer and haven’t worn yet that I’m very excited to whip out when the weather is warm again.

5) A lifelong dancer, Paula admits she’s not a trained singer. For this record, she worked with producer Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds, who won accolades for his work with singers including Madonna, Kelly Clarkson, Toni Braxton and Janet Jackson. Who is your all-time favorite female singer? I’m not sure if I have one of those, either!

6) She advises young girls to “keep the faith and don’t lose your gut instinct.” How about you? Are you more logical or instinctive? Definitely more logical, but I also know to trust my gut.

7) Paula is excited that Richard Branson has chosen her song, “Straight Up” as the theme for his Virgin Galactic Spaceflight company. Would you like to orbit above the earth? Eh, I don’t know. I think I’d take the chance if I had it for the experience, but I’d be nervous and afraid of being bored.

8) In 1989, when this song was a hit, the Sears Holiday Wish Book was big on  bathrobes. Men and women alike were tempted with brightly colored, belted robes with hoods and patch pockets. Tell us about your bathrobe. I have two–one is white with pink hearts on it that I’ve had since college and is getting a bit ragged, and one that’s pink and a little softer and newer that if I remember right was gifted to me when I was pregnant. It does have a small hole in one of the sleeves where one of our cats chomped down on it. Funnily enough, both robes were bought for me by my godmother. I also had a third blue and white checkered one which was a gift from my mom, I think, when I was pregnant and came with a matching swaddle, and I mostly used that immediately postpartum. It’s shorter and lighter and convenient to cover up but also stay comfortable while breastfeeding a newborn.

9) Random question: What do you consider your best quality? I’m pretty laid-back–calm, nice, supportive, easy to hang out with.