Movie Review: The Martian

When I last offered up an opinion about a Ridley Scott film, I expressed my (and my boyfriend’s) disappointment in Prometheus. Now, I don’t want to say he’s redeemed himself with The Martian–truly redeeming himself would require time-traveling and cleaning up the mess Prometheus was and turning it into the disturbing alien trip it could’ve and

Saturday in Gettysburg, I noticed my nose started running a lot. It was annoying the shit out of me, but I figured it had to do with the fact that we were basically in a field for three hours, not to mention being out and about in town. I figured a good night’s sleep and I’m

The thing about traveling with my dad is no matter what time you got in, no matter what time you went to bed, he’s got a set wake-up time for the next day, which is usually unnecessarily early. And if you’re in separate hotel rooms, he’ll treat you to a wake-up call, often calling even