Let's Play Catch Up

I suppose I should, as briefly as possible, summarize what I realized has probably been closer to two years. I mean, the last notable event I really recall writing about was the death of my grandmother. And she’s been dead for two years already.


  • My mom was hospitalized for a blood clot in her leg. She’s fine, but does still have some problems with her veins and that leg in general.
  • People came and went. Our notable new editions are Brett, plus Emily and Erio, who were either not around or were minor players then and are now around all the time as official Craigs. Erio is also dating Meredith. This has its problems, which I’ll keep private. Let’s just say that I and others are quite put off by things he says and does to her, which led to me sending Meri a quite lengthy (and at one point weepy) Facebook message, which probably led to this blog, even though I’m not really going to talk about them. As for other new characters, we also have Emily’s boyfriend, Joel. By the way, Joel’s in a band–Poolside Eye Candy.
  • Things with Sarah and Nicole have vastly improved to the point where Marion and I have officially made peace. Sarah is not only around a lot more, but I spent my fair share of summer nights having long conversations with her. This is probably why I’m seemingly so far ahead of other Craigs in the forgiving Nicole department.
  • And that leads us to the biggest addition of all: my boyfriend, Paul, who I met quite and fell in love with quite unexpectedly last summer, but we can get into all those cheesy details some other day. During the school year, we’re long-distance while he’s up at Penn State. I attribute probably something like 80% of our own problems to this fact, because the distance poses its own problems and so does being reunited. Issues we probably would’ve faced gradually were thrown at us all at once, but we stuck it out. I’m fairly positive we’ll get married. I think he is, too, and I think we both secretly  know when we say “if we get married” we really mean “when.” We’re just not ready to say it, partly because I told him I absolutely will not accept a formal proposal until I’m 25 or he’s been out of school and working for a year.
  • I still write for Pop Damage (which is soon going to print!) and my local paper and also started writing for In Your Speakers and Examiner. And then I started this other little blog for a class about my homeland, which got attention from a Pittsburgh DJ and blogger. I have something like 11,000 page views. What the fuck.
  • I also won my school’s Creative Nonfiction award and opened for poet Joan Jobe Smith. I forgot just how awesome she is until I Googled her.
  • Then, a few months later, I graduated.
  • A few months after that, someone finally hired me full-time. I work at VITAC transcribing and doing the closed captioning for TV shows. It took me a little while, but who said that English majors didn’t get good jobs? Naturally, after that, the paper offered me a part-time job and Pop Damage offered to put me officially on staff. The latter I actually am able to do.

That probably sums it up pretty well, other than some minor things here and there and whatever else may be slipping through my mental cracks. I’m sure much of it will be covered eventually.

As for the future?

I’m going on a week-long Vacraigtion to Mexico next month. I’m probably moving out of my parents’ house this year, ideally within the next few months. The original plan was to take Marissa’s room at a Craig house called The Haus on Mt. Washington in Pittsburgh, but she’s unsure of what she wants to do and I’m unsure of if I want to share a house with a couple that makes me really angry most of the time and that I’m sure isn’t fully comfortable with me moving in, either. Basically, I might be starting a preliminary apartment search this weekend. Paul will graduate sometime this year, so maybe I’ll start to seriously contemplate marriage by the end of the year.

For now, though, I have to go to the post office tomorrow and then meet Terra for dinner while Paul ships back off to Not-So-Happy Valley.


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