Less Heavy Business

I can’t really talk about work. Since my job is watching TV shows, movies, and commercials before they air/are released, I signed a confidentiality agreement so I’m not running and telling the whole internet and getting in big trouble. Plus, I don’t think the networks would want me blabbing if I thought something was terrible. If I have something to say after something airs, though, maybe I’ll talk about it.

Paul came over for a bit Friday before leaving for State College on Saturday morning. This long-distance thing sucks more and more each time he leaves. The only time I know I’ll definitely see him next is when he comes home for spring break at the beginning of March. He doesn’t know if or when he’ll be coming home for a weekend, and I don’t know if or when I’ll be able to go visit. If the weather stays warm enough to not snow, I can make it up in the next week or so.

So, while he went back to school, I had dinner with Terra. We finally exchanged Christmas presents. I got her a book of unlikely animal friendships and a hand-painted ornament that says “peace.” She made me a bracelet and a Beatles blanket and got me a Pens shirt. The blanket is this amazing double-layered fleece beast.

And of course, there was much talk of everything going on in our lives, as girls do at dinner.

Meanwhile, I was missing out on a Craig outing for about the thousandth time. I work 3-11. This means while all my friends, most of whom are still in college, were on break and going to dinner and movies all the time, I was missing out. I knew this would happen when I started the shift, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. I am glad they keep inviting me out. I appreciate being included.

Apparently what I missed this time included the decision to use the lovely and hilarious CatPaint app to put cats all over pictures of Paul. As awesome as the pictures are, this made me paranoid that they were making fun of him.

I know this to be completely illogical. Marion, who was behind most of it, doesn’t really do things like CatPaint people she doesn’t like. Plus she’s told me on numerous occasions that she likes Paul.

But I do wonder if other Craigs dislike him. Admittedly, it’s hard to form an opinion when he’s gone for most of the year and has probably only hung out with the Craigs five or six times. Even then, he says so little that other than thinking he’s shy and awkward, they wouldn’t be able to form real opinions.

However, I do notice little things on occasion from a minority of the Craigs. Other Craig couples are seemingly kind of put on this pedestal…and then there’s me and Paul. Even Meri and Erio, who barely make it through a party without some kind of drama, seem to be hailed as a fantastic couple.

But like I said–what can we do when he’s barely around?

I used the word “paranoid” for a reason.


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