Constant Communication, Or Why Paul Is Perfect for Me

The Craigs don’t officially communicate with each other daily, aside from maybe a reply on Twitter or a Facebook like. This is probably a combination of being busy and not really feeling the need to keep in constant contact. Sure, we’re a tight group, but weekend dinners and movies are enough. So are our vacations.

I only communicate with two people on a daily basis–Paul and Terra. And talking to Terra that often can be a bit much.

I have a history of getting sick of people. In high school, I used to skip school on occasion just because I needed a day alone. I didn’t want to see anybody. I even went through that with the Craigs at times, and every single person I’ve ever been friends with. Once, my friend Shawn considered me to be one of his best friends and developed a crush on me and messaged me daily. Now, Shawn’s a great guy, but for some reason, I couldn’t take the constant talk. As I’ve gotten older, that feeling has pretty much disappeared but not completely. I occasionally still have moments of, “I DON’T WANT TO TALK TO YOU.”

Enter Paul.

The summer we met, he messaged me every day, and we’d talk for hours. I never got tired of him. He thought he annoyed me, but instead, I looked forward to talking to him every day, even when we’d been up late talking the night before. Nearly two years later, I’ve talked to him every day in some form since.

How’s that for compatibility and exceptions to annoyances? I may never find such a humanoid again, romantically or otherwise.


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