I don’t really like beer. But at a place with over 600 options, I was bound to find something, right?

To celebrate my cousin Adam’s birthday, he had some friends at Headkeeper’s in Greensburg. Marion and I went. We joke that Marion is Adam’s favorite sibling, a joke which is solidified by the fact that his actually siblings didn’t know and didn’t go.

I really like nights out with just me and Marion. In some ways, we’re the more low-key Craigs. In fact, if Paul got to hang out with us more, she’d probably be his favorite. We share a brain on a lot of different things, we’ve been friends for a long time, and she’s a good time.

Headkeeper’s was a pretty cool place.

“You better get a beer,” Marion said, “or your cousin will be disappointed.”

I started with a mild raspberry beer, which I nursed for a long time. I also tasted about all of Adam and Marion’s beers, including chocolate, vanilla java, super hoppy Flower Power, alcoholic Bigfoot, and the beer to end all beers, some cherry stuff. Marion and I split a bottle of the same brand’s peach version. $9.50 a bottle. Worth every penny.

Adam was pleased I was drinking beer. Baby steps, he said. One day I’ll vote Republican, he said. Given the asshole nature of nearly every single Republican I know (aside from Paul. Who knew I’d fall in love with a conservative Republican?), this is highly unlikely.

The night also involved a drunken argument over snuff. Who spends $300 on snuff? I get smoking, even though that’s also pretty gross, but snuff has to be the most disgusting habit on the planet. How is that worth $300 a month?

We ended the night wonderfully–at Eat ‘N’ Park, a little bit drunk, where Marion assumed based on voice alone that the table behind us was full of softball-playing lesbians. Marion played softball in high school with lesbians, so she would know, I guess.


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