Be Mine

Yeah, I’m one of those killjoys that hates Valentine’s Day.

You’ve heard all the reasons before.

I do love the story of St. Valentine. It’s not only romantic but also quite badass. I mean, the dude performed secret weddings when he wasn’t supposed to and kept on doing it until they killed him. That takes a lot.

The problem is Valentine’s Day has turned into a commercialized, materialistic joke. The same argument is made of Christmas, but at least everyone knows why Christmas is celebrated. Few people know anything about the story of St. Valentine. Plus Christmas still commemorates something. Valentine’s Day doesn’t, at least not anymore. It’s a day dedicated to doing something that you should do every day, kind of like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

My mom once said to me, probably when I was in high school, “You’ll like Valentine’s Day when you have a boyfriend.”

This is my second Valentine’s Day in a relationship, and with the same man. And I’d say that this time, it’s probably quite a bit more serious than it was a year ago. And I still think it’s a stupid day.

I went to State College over the weekend to be with Paul, just because in a long-distance relationship, I do what I gotta do. Prior to that, we hadn’t seen each other since just after New Year’s. That’s more than a month without so much as being in the same room. Some do have it worse, I know, but it still sucks and I will not let someone who sees their significant other less frequently invalidate my feelings of longing for and missing him. That’s not fair to me, dicks.

We had a lovely weekend of lounging and dinners and drinks and cuddling and laughing and talking and being silly and everything else we miss about being together. Skype may be an excellent communication resource for many reasons, but it can’t give you all of that.

We exchanged lots of kisses and “I love you”s. He made me cheesecake and stocked up on Dr. Pepper and Bagel Bites, my favorites. This was totally unnecessary, which he knows, but trying to tell that man not to do such outlandish things is like telling me to stop existing. He did it not because of Valentine’s Day, but because I was visiting and he loves me and he loves spoiling me. This is the third or fourth cheesecake he’s ever made me, and only one was actually for a special occasion — my birthday.

I don’t expect cheesecakes all the time, but I do believe that similar acts and expressions of love should be done year round, not just on Valentine’s Day or any other holiday, for that matter. I’m not saying regularly — that would kind of cheapen it, and who wants to make cheesecake every weekend? Just every so often.

Little things are simultaneously everything and nothing. They can mean a lot, and they can mean a lot year round. Why wait for Valentine’s Day? Do and say cute things whenever you want. Let’s remember that righteous dude St. Valentine but without the hype.


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