Lounging by the Pool

Our first full day in Mexico wasn’t much of a big deal. We headed down to the little store at the resort for some breakfast. The creperie wasn’t open, but I had this amazing fruit tart, and I regret not getting another one before we left. I felt like things were really expensive just because they were being charged to the room, but according to PNC, my share of the room charges was about $200 for a week. I spent that much in two days in Delaware, most likely. Shit in Mexico is cheap, y’all.

Then we split into two groups of four. One went shopping for groceries and the other hung around the hotel room. I was part of the latter, so I got in some Skype time with Paul and FaceTime time with my mom–the only time I really ended up having all week. With the group split in half, I was able to squirrel away in one of the bedrooms until the other four came back and we hit the pool and ordered more pizza.

Really, this is how we spent most days, so unless something notable happened, further posts will be focused on Playa del Carmen, Chichen Itza, and maybe some of the resort restaurants and such.


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