Secrets and Friends

Okay, so, I can’t tell you everything about Thursday. But here’s what I can tell you.

We drank again. Duh. We split up again, I think because Marion went back to bring Emily down to the pool but by the time they made it, we were leaving and ran into them on the shuttle. Apparently, at some point, they’d met and entertained this Canadian chick with their shenanigans.

(Marion was fond of trying to talk to the drivers or other passengers. One night, Emily, Marissa, and I sang a very high rendition of “On Eagle’s Wings.” It was late and only the driver had the pleasure/horror of experiencing it.)

Turns out this chick was across the hall from us vacationing with her mom. Naturally, she thought we were cool. All her mom said was, “You guys order lots of pizza.” Oh, how true. Almost every night.

The chick’s name was Jenny and she came over to drink. She was a pretty good time, too, although she told us lots of personal stories after a very short time. We also think she clogged our toilet. Marion, Nolan, and Brett claim the maids tried to fix it by hitting it with a broom handle. Out of all the Craigs, I trust their stories the least, but they’re really sticking to this one so I might have to start believing it.

I liked her, though. And she told me I was “cute as a button,” so points for her! She also led me to the kitchenette by the hand for drinks. Specifically, a haircut.

Now, I’m not exactly sure what the origins of the haircut are, so I’ll explain. The person getting it leans back. Someone else pours into their mouth first their liquor of choice then their mixer of choice. Close your mouth, swallow, and you never taste the alcohol. Everyone wins! I advise having a trustworthy person do the pouring or else it’ll either get messy or they’ll give you things you don’t like. Jenny and I were new to it, but she did a good job. She hung around for a while, and then serious conversations were had.

Disclaimer: I’m at least pretty sure serious conversations were had. I’m not 100% positive that Jenny and serious conversations were had. I was a bit drunk, as with everyone else.

The conversation was personal but not bad, but it did get emotional. Lots of feelings were shared, that’s all, and naturally the conversation split in about 1,000 directions. This would become an issue two weeks later, but we’ll come to that.

In the midst of this, Erio got a little moody, I guess you could say. He went for a walk. He heard gunshots. He came back. That was when we decided no nighttime Playa del Carmen excursions the next night, and although other Craigs can be hard to sway and can also be careless, we had the majority rule on this one.

So after hours and tears and alcohol, we finally went to bed.


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