My high school did Cats this year, and Paul’s sister was in it, so naturally I went for support. And I love that show, even though no one else does.

I’ll grant you that the plot is loose if not nonexistent, but the music and dance sequences make up for it!

Some friends were planning to go drunk and/or high. I don’t know whether they actually did or not, and I’m torn on how I feel about this. If they can behave, fine. Otherwise, it’s disrespectful to the kids in the show and the patrons. And thus, this is one of my pieces of evidence that perhaps I’m actually going through a quarter-life crisis, because this is by far not the only thing friends of mine have engaged in that left me saying, “Is that necessary?” But we’ll get to that.

Similarly, some sober adults can’t function properly in theaters. Just because it’s a high-school show doesn’t mean you get to be loud. Just because the theater stupidly lets you take your candy in doesn’t mean you should crinkle the wrapper as much as humanly possibly and let your children’s opinions be heard a few rows down. Cats is admittedly too boring for kids, too. This isn’t like the time they did Beauty and the Beast and the girl playing Belle took pictures with the kids after. By the way, I hear just a few months later she was showing up at graduation parties plastered in the early afternoon. Classy.

I heard mixed reviews of the show. Overall, I liked it. There was some of the theater’s usual trouble with the sound equipment, and the director changed the songs originally sung by men so that the girls singing were singing higher, which made them hard to understand and sacrificed some of the sound quality. The dancers weren’t always together and I recognized most of the choreography from the DVD, but hey–it’s a high-school show. And they did “The Pekes and the Pollicles,” which I love and for some reason no other productions ever do.

Two of Paul’s siblings were in it, so I got them each Cats candy a local company was selling as well as some chocolates with sprinkles with the school’s colors. I’m told they were a hit. For his sister Julianne, I also bought a really pretty spring bouquet. She was super excited. I’d be super excited, too, to get flowers. They’re nice, even if they do die. Besides, couldn’t that same argument be made of pets and people?

Prior to the show, Brandon, his girlfriend, her sister, and I all went to dinner, which was good but so agonizingly slow it nearly made us late. Thanks, Grotto.


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