Auctions Are Awesome

My high school used to do this auction every spring. My parents never went because my parents never went to any school function aside from musicals I was in, but my friend’s mom/my former gym teacher promoted it on Facebook and then Julie asked me if I wanted tickets to go, so I talked Brandon into going with me and we got all dressed up to spend me moneys.

I learned that I love auctions and they’re the most fun and competitive form of shopping ever, but only silent auctions. Live auctions intimidate me currently but are super fun to watch.

I wasn’t willing to spend more than the item was worth, the only exception being signed Penguins merchandise. We had some bids in for James Neal, Crosby, and Staal autographs but after being quickly outbid for a lot of money, I stopped bidding. I also couldn’t have really afforded to go much higher. I mean, Staal’s jersey went for $500 and a Crosby one went for $700 in the live auction. The cool thing is the items are all donated and go to the school.

We did win a signed Mike Green stick, calligraphy by one of the teachers, a Kindle Fire for my dad, tickets to the Carnegie Museums and Pittsburgh Public Theater, and a basket of scratch-off lottery tickets my mom ultimately won $85 on. I spent a total of $450, almost $300 of which will be paid back to me between my parents and Brandon since some of that stuff was for them.

They also had good food and music in the form of Mr. Bell’s band, The Brass Knuckles.

Good times!


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