I ran off to State College for the weekend again.

First of all, a while back, there was this agreement of sorts that when one of us went up, we’d contact all other interested parties to se if anyone wanted to join. I intentionally didn’t do that. Why? Because I really love going by myself.

Part of it is novelty. Until I moved out, I could never go alone. My mom wouldn’t let me. And now I have the freedom to go pretty much whenever I want, and the freedom itself is a great feeling.

Second, I’m obviously going through some angsty business lately–for good reasons, I think–and I preferred the trip alone. As annoying as that drive is getting after this long, maybe I needed three hours alone on the road. I spend a lot of time at home holed up in my room, but driving with music is different.

Finally, I could go on my own terms. I could go when I wanted without having to coordinate with others or wait on them or hold them up or worry about when they had to be home. It was all me. All I wanted to do. (Maybe what I’ve been needing is some serious me time?) This also goes back to that date thing. Time with Paul is rare as it is, so I think I prefer to be able to just go, be responsible for only myself, and enjoy the weekend with him. In a way, that’s how it’s supposed to be. As fun as road trips with friends are, it’s hard to get a romantic visit out of that.

I’m working different hours now to finish up some training, so I figured I’d leave right after work, have a god couple hours of daylight, and get there with a few hours left in the night. And of course, the one Friday night I make plans that actually kind of matter–I had a long-distance boyfriend impatiently waiting–is the one Friday night I get stuck late. Two hours late. And not just held up traveling–I was getting sleepy and I was starving. My metabolism was not made for eight-hour shifts.

Any later and I would’ve gone home in a fury and left the next morning, but I just made it so that I was late and Paul and my mother weren’t thrilled about the hour but it wasn’t terrible. I got in around midnight. They just both think I’m going to be accosted. And text me while I drive and then call when I don’t text back…because I’m driving.

I picked up dinner on my way, ate it there, we reunited, and went to sleep. I was beat, and he’s lucky I had three hours to calm me down from the fury of work or he would’ve had to deal with that.


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