State College Weekend

I spent most of Saturday morning in bed because that’s what I do. Paul is an early riser so it’s usually more like I’m in bed and he’s ready to start the day and I’m begging him to just let me stay in bed until I’m too hungry or have to pee too bad or have to be somewhere. Mission mostly accomplished this time.

I had to take Paul to work for a few hours. His new part-time job is yet another hangup in this long-distance business because that’s four hours normally spent together over the weekend that we don’t get now, but his shift over the summer will give him weekends off. That’ll help.

While he was there, I had to take his brother Jacob to MedExpress for an infected wisdom tooth, so I just kind of hung out and played on my phone, then took him to Wal-Mart to get his prescription. His girlfriend, Katie, met us there, and by then I had about an hour to kill back at Paul’s apartment before I had to pick him up. I spent it on the internet, as always.

After I picked him up, we went to dinner at Green Bowl, my favorite restaurant in State College ever that Paul only agrees to go to every single time I visit because I love it so much. He probably regrets ever saying, “Hey, this pace looks cool,” one of the first times I visited.

Then we went home and watched some Firefly and Cowboy Bebop.

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