State College Sunday

Once again, I begged to stay in bed. If we’re serious about getting married someday, Paul better accept his future.

This time, I had to take him into campus because the universe does not want us to have a weekend to ourselves. He had a group project due and they needed to meet. I’d actually told him I could call off the trip up and do it a different weekend, but he wouldn’t have it. Really, he probably benefitted from the visit emotionally and mentally, and he was obviously happy I went (even though he was a bit displeased that I drove in the middle of the night).

It wasn’t terrible, though. I just had to kill a few hours at his apartment, which naturally dragged, and then we went to Pizza Hut because Pizza Hut is the most romantic place ever. And then I went home with the hopes of doing laundry but found our washer and/or dryer occupied every night until last night.

I live an exciting life.

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