Confidence is a funny thing.

I’m still not always convinced I’m a good writer, but sometimes I get little boosts. I happen to keep getting a bunch of little ones in succession, and maybe that’s all I need right now. Maybe it’ll help me just enough, or maybe it’ll even help the rest to fall in place.

I’ve received praise from musicians and labels. My Nam blog has been linked to by a prominent Pittsburgh blogger for the third time in a year. That same blog just passed its 15,000 page view. A former professor wants me to send her pieces for an anthology and go back for a reading some day. InYourSpeakers is becoming quite successful.

Maybe I just needed to put things in perspective. Don’t get me wrong–a little support from my friends would be great, and emotionally, it’s important to me. Professionally, though, what’s more important? The fact that my friends say it’s cool or that people who know what they’re talking about say it’s good and I have a clear readership?

Oh, my God, 15,000 page views. I need to process this.


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