Minor Slipups

Now that Paul is done with finals, I  noticed a trend in his texting patterns–he texts me more when he has class than when he doesn’t. As in, he texts me more when he has something to stress and complain about, but his contact completely plummets in terms of messages otherwise. Kind of makes a girl feel like you only want her around or need her around during the happy times, right? The funny thing is, I know this isn’t the case with him. It’s just weird when semesters end and I hear from him much less.

And then, of course, he felt bad and was mad at himself. He did a good job–and so did I, for that matter–of not being cranky about it longer than was necessary.

I have to give us credit for that in the communication department. If one of us brings something troublesome to the other’s attention, we deal with it and move on. Now,  when he fucks up major, I am noticeably cranky, but I typically just need time to move on. Either that or he needs to make amends better.

Sometimes, I wonder how other couples do it. People rarely talk about their relationship troubles, at least not the minor ones. I hear more of it from Terra and I know what she does, and I know that wouldn’t be effective for me and Paul, nor would it make sense with either of our personalities.

Basically, we tend to be super calm and rational, and I don’t think that’s the norm. But I think it’s probably healthiest.


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