Grand March

I went to Geibel’s Grand March on Saturday night to see Julianne–and all the other pretty dresses, of course. I might be biased, but Julianne’s was one of the best. The color, style, and fit were great. I would’ve worn it. That said, there were only one or two dresses in the whole bunch that I didn’t really like, and that’s mostly because they were tacky. Sarah and Nicole were there to see Nicole’s sister, and at one point Sarah said, “I’d be afraid my cooch would be hanging out.” Indeed. I’m all for showing skin and wearing what you want and all that business, but ladies, keeping your cooch off display is not a bad thing.

My mom went with me and I hadn’t had a proper lunch or dinner, partly due to running out to get my oil changed right before Grand March, so we stopped for dinner at Italian Oven. A few hours later, we went down to Vinny’s for peanut butter fudge brownie avalanches, and those were amazing.

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