Paul came home last weekend without much warning so I wouldn’t get my hopes up if he couldn’t get off work after all. So I got a nice surprise, especially since he’s incredibly vague and I thought he was talking about this weekend. Men.

I was supposed to go hang out Sunday night, but his family took three hours just to leave State College. So my very frustrated self said, “Fuck this” and left my parents’ house, where I stay when I go back to Fayette County, and went home. Paul felt bad and was even more cranky than me, because that’s just how he gets. I correctly guessed he spent the drive home moping.

We did get together the next day, though. I drove home to grab an overnight bag then went to his house. We ate dinner at Potter’s, a bar in Uniontown. Pretty simple–just sandwiches, plus some spinach dip and zucchini fries. Cheap and good.

We spent the rest of the night hanging out and enjoying the rare opportunity of each other’s company. It never lasts long.


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