State College Discoveries

Visits to State College are this interesting mix of busy and calm. We’ll spend a lot of time just hanging out and watching movies or something, but we’ll also go out to dinner a lot.

The past two weekends there blur together in some ways. It doesn’t help that we order a lot of pizza every time.

The weekend the whole Nemacolin thing happened, I know we went to Zeno’s that very night. I wasn’t enjoying it too much, either because of a large crowd and therefore nowhere to sit or because before we left I’d already figured out there was a party and had half figured out I was intentionally not invited. Deep down, I knew something was wrong.

We had a few drinks then went for a walk through town. Everyone except the bars was closed, but I did scout out some stores to go to the next day.

When we went home and tried to go to bed, I couldn’t sleep. I was thinking too much. I was upset. I didn’t know what was going on, but I knew it was bad for me. So I texted Terra and cried a little, ultimately giving myself a headache. Crying always does that to me, although strangely it’s worse when I only cry a little.

By the time we got up, especially since Paul wanted to go to church, I’d slept maybe two or three hours and my headache was worse. I knew sleep would help, but I couldn’t fall asleep. He was up before the alarm, so he got up while I tried to sleep more. He tried to relax me with his newfound love of tai chi meditation techniques, which probably would’ve worked if he hadn’t been talking the whole time. I did get a little more sleep, though, and we set out for the day.


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