One of our State College discoveries was the glorious used book store Webster’s. It is seriously the most amazing place ever. It’s my new religion. We spent an hour in there the first time we went, and the second time was somewhat shorter but I was also armed with a list. I believe I’ve already spent about $100 in there.

They also sell records. They have original Beatles records. They’re kind of expensive for records, but I don’t care. I’ve had my heart set on obtaining such gems for a while, and I’m willing to throw down serious cash for them.

We also explored nifty clothing shops, much to Paul’s dismay, but I found they do have some neat places and things. Expensive, but neat.

The following weekend, we discovered The Waffle Shop–amazing. The one on Atherton, though, not College Ave. Reasonably prices, awesome menu selection, and light, fluffy waffles. And Autoport, who had a special on margaritas and awesome lasagna. I also found a Greek place that looks amazing, but it was Memorial Day weekend and they were closed. Alas, I shall have to wait until my next visit, which won’t come until July. Also on my to-do list then: Kiwi Yogurt.

We saw The Dictator, hung out, smoked cigars, and all that fun stuff.


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