People to Make Your Life Seem Meaningless

Let’s talk about music. My life since Monday has been uninteresting, after all–work and being unable to stop thinking. I’m going to be at least semi hung up on this Nemacolin thing for a long, long time.

Anyway! If you follow Neil Gaiman on Tumblr, you’ve already heard of this chick. If you don’t, we can’t be friends.

She’s Gal Musette. She’s awesome. Inspired by The Magnetic Fields, she’s doing a series of 70 love songs. Oh, yeah, and she’s 14 fucking years old.

Basically, she’s writing and making music, just like I wanted to (and still may do) at the age I started wanting to. She’s better than I would’ve been, though. Also, she’s pretty much adorable.

The musically is pretty much pianos and acoustic guitars, and it’s all quite pretty and melodic with an indie sound, yet still quite polished. She sounds like a very young Regina Spektor.

Best of all, the songwriting is great. The songs are cute and sweet without being overly mushy and disgusting, but they don’t sound like something coming from a 14-year-old, either. Everything about these songs is more mature than 14.

So what does a 14-year-old know about love? Does it matter? Maybe everything and nothing all at once. I was pretty angsty at 14 and had terrible taste in men up until about the time Paul started chasing me, but I knew people were starting to date, I was receiving little to no male attention, and I wanted it. That leads to lots of thinking and dreaming about what love is like. The advantage to being such a romantic late bloomer while I watched friends’ relationships come and go was even without experience, it gave me time and observances with which to figure out what I wanted and what kind of lover I would be. While it’s easy for all of us out of and away from our teen years to say that these kids don’t know anything about love, it’s just not true. They know plenty, experience or not. And these songs are certainly better than most of what you’ll hear on the radio. Pop love songs, I think, tend to be the worst. All that said, I still stand by my statements that living a “Teenage Dream” sounds terrible.

I’m putting some of these songs on a playlist for Terra’s wedding music suggestions, and whether they’re used or not, they’ll go on my own playlist for my currently nonexistent wedding/engagement.


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