I guess I should mention that I am now an editor over at InYourSpeakers. I was asked if I was interested, which I was, but I wasn’t sure if I could fit all that work into my schedule between my real job, writing, blogging, and of course, me-time! But after some discussion, I concluded I could handle it. Obviously, it’ll keep me super busy, but it’s also kind of fun and it’s a great opportunity. When I go looking for another day job, it’ll look awesome on a resume. If IYS can one day actually be my day job, even better.

I’ll be the features editor, a section which is currently a work in progress. As of now, I’m doing little editing things here and there, and I’m filling in for the usual news editor for the week.

It’s important and awesome but I don’t think it’s a particularly big deal. However, these kinds of things make moms and boyfriends happy and proud. My mom said, “Maybe Rolling Stone will notice you!” In fact, my mom seems to think that I will both become the managing editor of Rolling Stone and write the next Harry Potter. Not that I don’t want to do those things, but those are some big, time-consuming tasks. It’s cute, though. She and Paul both also seem to have this drive for me to kick ass in my career, both because I want to and because they want to silence my haters…who are actually people who should be my supporters.

I think perhaps I am a workaholic.


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