On Sandusky's Case

Everything about this is disgusting.

I’ve been following the trial on Twitter–Pittsburgh’s @WPXI_Courtney has been doing a great job of posting updates on all the testimony–and it just gets worse and worse.

The victims’ allegations are terrible. Worst of all, I believe them. Some have witnesses, who unfortunately didn’t stop the abuse, and with 10 victims and 52 counts, it’s highly unlikely they’re all making it up. In fact, I’m sure there are more victims out there. And Sandusky himself has made highly questionable comments publicly about all this, including a recent clip of his infamous interview that was cut in which he more or less says he didn’t have sexual contact with all of the kids he helped. Oh, okay, Sandusky. So you only raped some of them. That makes it all better.

The thing is, I think the defense might be even worse. Character witnesses are insisting Sandusky is a great man, and after hearing all these things, I don’t know how someone could say that, aside from being in extreme denial. If nothing else, they should at least be side-eyeing the fuck out of that man. Worst of all, though, some are actually confirming that Sandusky showered with boys and make it sound like this totally common, normal thing. Except it’s not.

In no universe is it acceptable and appropriate for a grown man in a position of authority to be sharing a shower with children. That’s it. The end. And even if they say he has some mental disorder that explains all this, that doesn’t justify it. This is never justifiable.

I don’t think he stands a chance of being found not guilty. If he goes to prison without some sort of solitary or protective custody, he’ll likely be killed. Strangely, there’s a prison hierarchy, and child molesters are at the top of the shit list.

All that’s left to do is wait and listen to more horrible things from the stand.


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