I went back home for the first time in over a month, I think, because Memorial Day and the weekend before was spent at Paul’s. I get to go back up next weekend, by the way, and I’m pretty excited. Not just because I get to see my boyfriend, who has also been absent from my life for over a month, but because on the agenda is Prometheus, Greek food, frozen yogurt, and all of my other favorite State College things like Green Bowl and Webster’s. We usually don’t make definite plans, but I have declared all of these places must be visited. I actually miss State College as a place, too. Go figure.

Anyway, my mom got me a cute, summery cake for my belated birthday, so we enjoyed that. I went with Brandon and his girlfriend to see Brave, and I’ll try to remember to do a review of that maybe tomorrow.

My dad has this ice-cream maker he’s very proud of, so I had some homemade chocolate ice cream. I hung out with Duke. I slept on the sleeper sofa in the sun room and was rudely awakened twice by the worst pounding rain I have ever heard. I went to Vinny’s.

A nice, lazy weekend. I’ll be back for the 4th. Sarah’s having a party. I’m a little apprehensive because it’ll be the first time I’ve seen and spoken to most of the Craigs since everything with Nemacolin, so I’m prepared for basically anything. Really, everyone will probably just pretend nothing happened and will wonder why I’m so cranky and don’t talk to them anymore. If Sarah wasn’t the one throwing the party, I wouldn’t even be going. That said, I’m not even 100% sure I won’t back out and not go.


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