Shotgun Military Weddings

Terra and Scott had themselves a shotgun wedding since he’s decided to run off and go into the military. They figured they best make it officially while they can. Terra is against this whole military business, but if a lady resorts to tears and her man doesn’t budge, nothing can be done.

With other people I know thinking of joining the military, I’ve gotten all outspoken about this. My dad, who practically got blown up in Iraq, doesn’t understand why I would vehemently oppose Paul going into the military. Mainly, I oppose because, uh, my dad practically got blown up.

My parents haven’t gotten along properly in years, but that didn’t mean his deployment was insignificant to her. She effectively became a single mother for a year or so, and none of us really knew for certain what would happen to him. It’s high stress for everyone, whether or not you particularly like the deployed person.

And so because I happen to love Paul and already know long-distance relationships blow, I don’t want to put myself through any of that stress. And you’re adding to it the fact that he could get killed, severely injured, etc.

You never know how they’ll come back, either. My dad has anger issues. We know other people that have developed drug addictions. One man was unable to properly take care of himself, became physically abusive toward his wife, and I believe left.

I don’t think everyone considers these possibilities. I don’t think anyone I know who has joined the military has, at least. Some people do. Some people know what they’re signing up for and are willing to take that risk, and that is impressive. Are any reasons good enough for me to accept being a military wife or girlfriend? Not at all.


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