Magic Mike

What sort of present do you get a newlywed? You take her to see Magic Mike. Bonus points if you pay with your Carmike gift certificates your mom got your for Christmas.

The theater was packed, which was strange for a Sunday afternoon. It was packed full of women–not so strange.

Magic Mike was actually good. It has a reputation with some women and nearly all men for being nothing bunch a raunchy sausage-fest, and in some ways it is, but it’s also more. It does have a real, well-done plot. It has character development. Strangely, I could relate to it. A story of growth and change after being surrounded by kind of crappy people? Story of my life right now, guys. Make fun of me all you want, but (SPOILER ALERT) Mike’s decision to make a positive change in his life by leaving those people and the life behind was empowering. Starting a new life is sometimes just what people need to do for themselves.

The movie didn’t get too heavy, though. It went just far enough for solid, understandable conflict and all the other elements of plot we all learned in high school. It made a point. It was more than just a movie full of nudity and laughs.

That said, it was really funny. The stripper gimmicks and lines were great, and the performances were equally funny and kind of sexy. I mean, those dudes can move. And there’s more dancing involved than just clothing removal, which I’m always impressed with.

I did think of an interesting social double-standard, though–a movie about male strippers was regarded as funny and was pretty well-received all-around, but a movie about female strippers most likely wouldn’t get the same reaction. Granted, I know girls on either side of the Magic Mike debate–some shake their heads and see it as just a raunchy nudey movie and others who are saying it has more substance. Meanwhile, dudes are more skeptical. Sure, they’d love a movie about female strippers, but there’s still this idea that females stripping is somehow trashier.

I say any woman who can climb a pole in heels a few inches high deserves all the bills she gets.


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