Part of the Magic Mike trip with Terra included dinner and my birthday presents, which was a homemade turquoise beaded bracelet and matching tie-dye shirt in a peace-sign tote bag.

The following weekend, I went to see Paul for the first time since Memorial Day weekend. My weekend rotation at work made visits impractical, because how can I visit a college student with a job and work study on a Monday? It was the first time in a long while, since either winter or last school year, that we went over a month without seeing each other. We’re getting good at this long-distance thing…just as it’s almost over. The one problem that’s new, though, is that seeing each other makes the missing worse. Before it seemed like it would tide us over. Not so much anymore. I think we’re both just tired of doing this at this point.

It was a nice weekend, though. Now that I’m working a different shift, I was able to leave from work Friday afternoon. The only downside to that is I hit all the rush-hour traffic, so the drive was an extra hour long. I stopped by the creamery, grabbed his keys, and hung out at his apartment until I had to pick him up. I dicked around on Tumblr, as I usually do, and played “Say Yes to the Dress” with Terra, where I sent her picture of wedding dresses and she shot most of them down. It was still a good time, though.

And then Paul and I had some fun and then I insisted we go to sleep because seriously, I wake up at 5:30 now then sat in a car for 3-4 hours and then was up 2-3 hours past my new 9:30 bedtime. I was dead. The advantage was that Saturday morning, Paul got away with keeping awake from 9-ish on because that’s technically sleeping in at this point for me, and my body isn’t letting me sleep much later anyway.

We went to Penn State’s pool, since it was really hot just like it’s been at home. Naturally, the pool was packed but nice and refreshing. We didn’t stay too long because he started to get a headache. Then we hit up the Pita Place, which was great, and Kiwi Yogurt, which he was raving about for the previous month and lived up to the hype. Self-serve yogurt! All the toppings you want! Pay per ounce!

I tried the strawberry and loaded it with fruit and cheesecake chunks. It was amazing. A little more sour than the yogurt I’m used to, but it was still so good that I was okay with it. In fact, I loved it.

We also browsed some of the shops down that way. It’s on College Ave., I believe, which isn’t a street we usually frequent–we’re usually on Beaver, which we call Hipster Avenue because it’s loaded with interesting restaurants, cafes, and shops, including an art gallery and my beloved Green Bowl and Webster’s.

We went back to his place for showers and changing into proper dinner attire for the other place I’d been waiting to visit for over a month–The Greek. I found it last time I was in town when we saw it tucked behind The Waffle Shop on Atherton and wanted to go really bad. Going there for dinner was an amazing decision. Great salads with the creamiest, tastiest feta cheese I have ever had. Appetizers stuffed with spinach and feta. Greek pasta. Perfect baklava. Plus the decor was gorgeous, with these great paintings all over the ceiling. It was the closest to Greece I’ve ever come, but I hope I one day get closer. Like, you know, actually chilling in person. The Pinterest pictures are too pretty.

And then the final thing I had been waiting for…Prometheus. Preliminary review: we both like it and thought it was good science fiction but it was disappointing.


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