Top Five on Friday

Top 5 things you’d change about the music industry
I feel like these are all related.
  1. Manufacturing artists. Plenty of talented musicians are lurking everywhere. Labels don’t need to create them, and if they do, they should at least be honest. Art doesn’t lose value by being commissioned–it loses value by being a commercialized lie.
  2. The focus on making money. I understand the business aspect, but prices are too high when the quality is too low.
  3. Labels altogether. Amanda Palmer just proved fans will be lots of money for a good, neat, an even personalized musical product–she raised $1 million via Kickstarter. Labels need to shift their focus and change the way they’re doing things.
  4. Musicians need more artistic control. Music should be about artists expressing themselves and fans relating, and that can’t happen when executives are dictating what gets made and what doesn’t.
  5. Rights disputes. The artists should control their own catalogue and make the decisions. Def Leppard shouldn’t have to rerecord their old songs just to have that control.

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