Music Memoirs: Childhood Albums

Top 5 albums you still have from your childhood

I don’t think I actually still have albums I owned in my early CD-collecting days, aside from one or two stray Spice Girls singles. So I’ll go as far back as I can, which I believe is middle school. These are not necessarily in order.

1. The All-American Rejects – The All-American Rejects Bought when I was maybe 12 or 13 after Stephanie and the bitchy girls she hung out with for a little while played “Swing, Swing” and I loved it. It’s still a solid album, and I still think it’s among their best.

2. AFI – Sing the Sorrow Bought in the same timeframe, likely after AAR, because once I got into AFI all was lost and I was obsessed and remain in love with them–I just forget sometimes. I mean, I felt like crying and throwing up when I finally saw them live two years ago or so. That’s a quintessential punk album.

3. Anberlin – Blueprints for the Black Market Same as the previous two. I heard “Foreign Language” on a label sampler, loved it, and still have it and plan to get it signed.

4. AFI – The Art of Drowning My favorite AFI album tends to fluctuate. Usually Sing the Sorrow holds the crown, but I bought The Art of Drowning somewhere between middle and high school, when I was broke and spending allowances trying to desperately scrape up the entire AFI discography (I’m still on the prowl for an original pressing of Dork.) Bottom line: they all got heavy play, and for good reason. AOD probably tied Black Sails in the Sunset for most non-Sing the Sorrow play.

5. AFI – Black Sails in the Sunset Ah, fuck it. AFI is one of the few bands to survive album purges throughout high school, college, and even my new early adulthood. I mean, come on. I’m playing “No Poetic Device” right now and shit is this song still epic. That fucking bass, Hunter Burgan! I need to whip out my East Bay Hardcore kitty hoodie and beater now.


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