Top 5 Songs From Your Favorite Genre

I CAN’T PICK FAVORITES. Okay, I can pick a favorite genre, at least–I’m a rock girl at heart and sometimes I forget this until I blast Queen and put on a band T-shirt and my Chucks. So, here’s the rock–including its many subgenres–that I’m feeling at the moment or have always loved.
1. “Now the World” by AFI. It’s just a pure alternative-rock beast of killer riffs, melancholy lyrics, and a gorgeous bridge. Good luck finding an AFI fan who has never screamed his or her lungs out to, “Will you cry for me?/Will you cry for me?/Or will you cry with me?”
2. “Not Fade Away” by Buddy Holly. Holly pretty much founded rock. Well, him and Elvis, but in my opinion, Holly was the better of the two and would still be kicking everyone’s asses were it not for his untimely death. And early rock is very, very tame by today’s standards and the things people have been doing with guitars in the 60-ish years since the world met Buddy Holly. Aside from being a fantastic love song, its musical elements are lovely. Such rhythm!
3. “Love Token” by Brian May. May’s solo career is vastly underrated. Naturally, Freddie Mercury had the voice of the gods and left us far too soon, so he gets all the praise now. But holy shit, Brian May rocks fucking hard. I somehow came across “Driven By You” once, which led me to finding the gem Back to the Light for like $5 among FYE’s used CDs because like I said, no one really pays attention to Brian May and his face-melting axe shredding, and they were doing some promo where if you bought so many CDs you got one half off. The half-off CD is always the cheapest one, and that’s how I ended up with one of the best albums I’ve ever heard for like $2. “Love Token” wastes no time in showing off its pure rock bliss, crashing in at full strength with the opening lines: “Mama’s in love/Papa’s in love/It’s such a shame they don’t love each other,” perhaps one of my favorite lines ever. It’s also one of the songs that makes it especially clear how collaborative the Queen writing process was because this could definitely be a Queen song, much like most of the rest of the album. May’s influence on Queen is obvious here.
4. “Janine” by David Bowie. Bowie’s music is hard to pin down since he’s covered basically every genre and covered them all well, but his early stuff is most definitely rock, maybe only dabbling in folk. And “Janine” is excellent and all-around well-done.
5. “Lorelei” by Styx. Okay, Styx could easily take over this whole list. In fact, everyone on this list could do so. But “Lorelei” is just so wonderfully catchy, and it’s one that’s not overplayed–though the love of “Come Sail Away” and “Renegade” will never diminish. “Mr. Roboto,” however, is pure ridiculous and we all know it and not many of us are bummed that Dennis DeYoung’s ass got kicked out of the band for all his theatrical shit when Tommy Shaw, who is a supreme god of rock to this day, just wanted to…well, rock. Let’s be honest–Styx is at their best when they’re rocking out, and “Lorelei” is one of many perfect examples of this.

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