I spent pretty much all of July looking for apartments. I would’ve loved more time, but Diana moving out depended on Adam’s job and he didn’t get his job until…late June. A month before our lease was up.

At first, I thought I had plenty of time. I looked, but I wasn’t afraid of being picky or stressed that I was running out of time.

I looked at a place in the South Hills. It was small and in a former low-income community (which only seemed to bother my mom because it “looked like poor-people housing,” which technically includes me because places on the lower-income scale were/are all I could/can afford). It wasn’t perfect, but I liked it well enough, it had a pool, and it was under new management that was trying to make it totally awesome.

I was all set to call management and tell them I’d take the place when my mother called me all paranoid because her former boss’ wife said that area is in the news all the time because of drug-related shootings. She also said the place goes under new management frequently, and companies try to fix it up and get good tenants in and never do. So I let the paranoia dissuade me.

This was at the beginning of July. This was fine. I still had plenty of time.

And then more and more places were out of my affordable range. More and more places I could afford didn’t have any one-bedroom vacancies. More and more places that did have places I could afford either looked terrible or were more obviously in bad areas. More and more people beat me to tours and leases by mere hours.

Meanwhile, Meri and Erio toured a place and moved in. She’d looked at a three-bedroom, thinking we could all go together, but she hated it. As easy as that would’ve made my life, I trust her apartment judgment (I’ve since discovered I love living alone, but we’ll talk about that later).

People asked a lot during this time if Paul was gonna be moving in with me or if I could just find a place with him and therefore be able to afford a nicer place. At the time, he was still in school with no job, so I didn’t want to count on him moving into a place he might not be able to afford that might not even be close to where he’d work. He and I have other reasons why we decided against living together, but I’ll post about that next. It deserves discussing.

Finally, I found an ad that looked promising on a Monday, one week before our lease was up. I frantically showed it to my mom, called management, and scheduled a tour.

Again, it looked fine. I’d been a little more set on South Hills (it had a pool!), but this place was bigger. Plus I could control my own heat and didn’t have to go outside to do my laundry. With days left, I applied on the spot. I ended up needing my mom to cosign due to their income requirements. I also needed her to help pay deposits and rent and now owe her like $1,200, but whatever. With that, they approved us. I moved in that Friday, at nearly the last minute.

Moving was hectic and tiring. We found a dead cockroach in my room, which has me scared live ones are lurking in boxes I have yet to unpack, especially since my mother told me she read they like to eat book binding. My dad drove around Mt. Washington for a half hour because he got lost and didn’t want to call one of the three of us waiting for him to load the U-Haul. My family decided I have too much stuff, had better stay in this place for at least a year (but moving again so soon wasn’t my plan!), and am hiring a moving company the next time I do move.

My dad doesn’t like it. He thinks it’s in a bad area, even though crime reports are scarce, most of my neighbors seem to be old or college kids, and the place is always quiet, except for when the neighbor kids are riding their little cars and sword-fighting.

This place is a better deal–a few bucks cheaper, bigger, new carpet, sliding glass doors, patio, cute courtyard, etc. Sure, I have a lot of minor maintenance problems, but whatever.

Since I moved in so fast, I had no stove, internet, or power, so I stayed with my parents for the first few days. It felt like a hotel at first, it was so new and unfamiliar. I took melatonin the first few nights in case I couldn’t sleep, but now that I’ve been here almost a month, it’s truly mine now and I kind of love it. I love having a place that is solely mine where I can do what I want. Even when I stay with my parents now, I miss my own place and my own bed.

I guess I’m pretty much a real adult now.


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