Friday Five: Uncanny

  1. Who has an uncanny knack for knowing what you’re thinking? Paul and Terra. Naturally, being my boyfriend and the man I have spoken to every single day for two years, Paul knows me better than an anyone. I often feel misunderstood (this came up again very recently and don’t worry, I’m gonna talk about it at length later), but he’s the closest I’ve come to someone completely getting me. The only misfires are when he thinks I’m mad at him, which is complicated by me actually meaning it when I say, “I’m fine.” Terra’s pretty close, too, but just a tiny bit off sometimes. She does get what makes me tick and why and can often relate.
  2. Who has the uncanny ability to show up at exactly the wrong time? Fortunately, I can’t think of anyone.
  3. Who has an uncanny understanding of (or sensitivity toward) people upon first meeting them? I kind of do. If I listened to some of my first impressions from the start, it would save me lots of trouble.
  4. Who has an uncanny sense of what to do in a difficult situation? I guess my mom, being a mom and all.
  5. Who has an uncanny awareness of what’s going on in everyone else’s life? Terra and Marion seem to always be able to find out a lot, I think because people tell them both a lot.

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