Friday Five: Strong

I fell behind, but I want to go ahead and tackle my overdue weekly memes. They’re good for the brain.

  1. Who is physically the strongest person you know? Probably my dad. He’s big and was in the army.
  2. What unpleasantly strong aroma have you recently experienced? Farts.
  3. Many over-the-counter medications come in “extra strength” varieties. What’s something in your life that doesn’t but should? Every food I eat for lunch so I stay full longer and am not already hungry for dinner before 3 PM…after I ate between 11 and 12.
  4. When times are rough, what’s most effective at boosting your inner strength? Paul and Terra. I think I take it for granted sometimes, especially if I’m upset with him over something, but Paul is probably the most supportive person I have in my life. It’s not that other people aren’t–it’s just that he’s my personal cheerleader. He tells me all the time, whether I need to hear it or not, that I’m smart and pretty and wonderful. He’s there for me, and without him, I might be in a legitimate depression right now. He believes in me when no one else does, and he gets excited over things like promotions and publications on a level matched only by my mother. Terra provides a more friend-like version of that support, plus she’s there if things are hard with Paul, even if her only pick-me-up is listening to me bitch.
  5. What’s your favorite song whose title or lyrics contains the word strong“Don’t Dream It, Be It” from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Remember when Dr. Scott says “I’ve got to be strong/And try to hang on”? That’s a generic line, but we can all relate to it. Besides, “Don’t dream it, be it” has got to be some of the best life advice that’s applicable to everyone.

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