Top 5 on Friday: Fall Albums

Top 5 albums you can’t wait to buy this fall

Note: because I’m broke because of, you know, bills and being a real adult now and stuff, I want a lot of albums that have been out for a while. Possibly longer than I’ve been alive.

1. Keane – Strangeland Okay, I’ve actually listened to this whole thing already. I like it but I’m not incredibly impressed, leading to the my Keane every-other-album theory–the first was fantastic, second was good but not great, third was fantastic (in fact, I think Perfect Symmetry is their best. It does things to me), new one is good but not great. What about the Night Train EP? Aha! It’s an EP! The theory only applies to full studio albums.

2. Yann Tiersen – Skyline I’ved loved Yann since the Amelie soundtrack, and Skyline is full of those same neat sounds and I must own it.

3. Anberlin – Vital This one legit comes out in the fall and I think I heard one song from it once because I’m bad at keeping up with so many musicians’ new projects.

4. Blaqk Audio – Bright Blaqk Heaven This one just came out, and it’s a masterpiece.

5. The Killers – Battle Born I only got to listen to this a little bit. I did like it and I’ll take any new Killers (or Brandon Flowers–I still need his solo album), but I have a similar theory with them as I do Keane concerning sound/genre more than quality. Killers albums alternate between synthy/new-wavey and more rock-oriented. Luckily, they do both very well. Hot Fuss? Synthy and new wavey. Sam’s Town? More rock. Days & Age? Synths! Battle Born? Rock! Fortunately, each has spawned amazing songs.


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