Top 5 on Friday: Thankful

Top 5 songs you are thankful to have discovered this year 

1. “Criminal” by Fiona Apple I was too young to appreciate Fiona Apple when this song actually came out. I don’t actually remember it. But I love using Spotify just to check out what other people are listening to and to get some (minuscule) revenue for the artists I listen to (and they’re usually up on new releases). This popped up under the list of songs popular among my friends. I was curious since I’ve never listened to her before. My curiosity paid off.

2. “Automatic System Habit” by Garbage I wasn’t totally floored by Garbage’s new album (and I was too young to appreciate them in their heyday, too, but have always admired/lusted after Shirley Manson), but it did have a few standout songs. This is one of them. So many hooks. Damn them!

3. “Madness” by Muse Here’s a band I always have appreciated. They captured my interest from the start and didn’t sound like anybody else, especially when I was just first starting to really get into solid alternative music. Muse kind of brought Paul and I together–or rather, it brought him to me. One day, he messaged me at random and awkwardly started a conversation with, “Hey, you like Muse, right?” Me: “Yeah.” Him: “Yeah, they’re really good.” And that’s how I knew he totally wanted my bod. Speaking of wanting bods, “Madness” is just a fantastic and sort of sensual song. In fact, I think my quality of life was much higher when I was streaming The Second Law every morning as I got ready for work…and now that I think about it, I probably started my love affair with Muse in part by listening to them on MTVU when I got ready for high school. Oh, God, I’m an adult.

4. “Origin of Love” by Mika Originally, I was kind of hoping this was gonna be a cover of the Hedwig and the Angry Inch song, but it’s such a minimalistic yet perfect pop love song that I don’t even care that it’s not. Those harmonies! The piano! The lyrics! It’s such an adorable and catchy love song with such a hopeful, whimsical mood that you can’t help but think of the person who is your own origin of love when you hear it. It’s so pretty that it distracts me and takes my breath away. It may be my darling Mika’s best song yet.

5. “Guardian” by Alanis Morissette Seriously, despite subdued verses and hints of piano, this is straight-up ass-kicking rock, just the way we like it from Alanis. Bitches Who Rock, bow to your queen.


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