Top 5 albums you’d buy right now if you could


 1. Lana Del Rey – Born to Die: Paradise Edition Okay, I’m kind of torn on this one. As much as I’ve criticized Lana (and more of that’s coming, believe me), I do enjoy her music. I’m just very skeptical–and unfortunately, that means I’m on the edge with this and if you ask me in a week, I may have changed my mind and may not think it’s worth my money anymore. Plus I HATE when artists release a “new album” that’s really an old one–especially very shortly after its original release–with some bonus songs. Just throw the bonus songs together on a damn EP or B-sides collection. I love the B-sides collections I have. People like them. Quit milking the same album.
2. Robyn – Body Talk I only have one of the Body Talk releases. I need the rest. Robyn is so good, I can’t handle it.
3. Coconut Records – Nighttiming Really, I need all Coconut Records releases, but I enjoyed Nighttiming most.
4. Amanda Palmer – Amanda Palmer Goes Down Under As much as I’ve been talking up Amanda Fucking Palmer lately, you’d think I own everything she’s put out. Not so! The only solo album of hers I own is her most recent, Theater Is Evil–fortunately the Kickstarter backer version, which was worth even more than what it cost. It’s gorgeous. Anyway, as with a lot of my favorite artists, I don’t love every single Amanda Palmer song, but I really, really love the ones I do. Amanda Palmer Goes Down Under contains some of my most favorite AFP songs and can probably be credited with kickstarting (see what I did there?) my AFP love now.
5. Buddy Holly – literally everything he ever did ever I’m completely serious. With some icon artists, I decided I want the full catalogue and not just the greatest hits because they’re THAT good. And everyone knows some of a musician’s best songs never get released as singles and therefore never make anthology releases (I’m lookin’ at you, Queen’s “Year of ’39”). I love Buddy Holly so fucking much. The world was robbed of a musical genius who, in my opinion, was better than Elvis but just never got the time to really develop. Seriously. Look at Holly’s catalogue in the short time he was active and consider what might’ve happened had he not died so young. Buddy Holly would be king instead of Elvis. So imagine the gems hidden from the best-ofs.
I’ll give you a bonus in the somewhat likely event I decide Lana Del Rey isn’t worth spending money on.
Rave On, Buddy Holly It’s a Buddy Holly tribute. Now, normally, I’d say Buddy Holly covers are blasphemous (I feel this way about a few artists). But when I saw who was appearing on it, I was cautiously optimistic. I think the result is great. Most of the artists nail it and even help enhance Holly’s skills. It’s nice to hear modern musicians throw back to that early rock sound. I actually started listing my favorites until I realized it was literally most of the album. Great success on this, dudes.

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