Top 5 albums on your wish list right now

 Paul just asked me what I want for Christmas. I should just send him a link to this post. Note: good chance this will be very similar to the top 5 albums I’d buy right now if I could.
1. Robyn – Body Talk Fuck it. I really do want all that Robyn. I’m a rocker at heart, but no one can get me to get down to dance music like Robyn.
2. Keane – Strangeland I may not be as impressed with it as their previous work (by that I mostly mean Perfect Symmetry SERIOUSLY), but I still want it & I still love them.
3. Yann Tiersen – basically anything I fell in love with Yann thanks to the Amelie soundtrack, and the more I hear of his music, the more I love it. Experimental sounds aren’t always really my thing, but Yann’s just so good at them.
4. The Killers – Runaways I jumped on The Killers fan bus immediately. I can’t stop now. Give me this album (and Brandon Flowers dressed all pretty).
5. Regina Spektor – Soviet Kitsch I just love her, and “Us” is one of the best songs ever. I need to own it.

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