Top 5 songs with “Black” in the title

I bet it’ll be the same list from the Friday Five, but meh. Maybe I’ve found more since then.
1. “Vegemite (The Black Death)” by Amanda Palmer Truth be told, this has been on my computer for ages and I’ve never really listened to it (YOU GUYS, I HAVE LIKE 10,000 SONGS. THAT IS NOT HYPERBOLE) until I did a search for “black” for obvious reasons. It’s pretty yet so very ridiculous and so very funny. This is Amanda showcasing how funny she can really be. I mean, you get lots of snark, sarcasm, and satire throughout her songs, but this is the only one (at least that I can think of offhand) where it’s just pure humor, complete with a killer twist after a very sweet, loving first verse. Title aside, who honestly expects it to be about Vegemite destroying a relationship?
2. “Bleed Black” by AFI I don’t love it as much as I used to, but it’s still solid.
3. “Black or White” by Michael Jackson As proof that I was born with taste this awesome, I used to LOVE this video as a child. Also, Adam Lambert’s cover is awesome. He can SING.
4. “Supermassive Black Hole” by Muse It’s kind of a sexy song, you know?
5. “Black and White” by Three Dog Night As proof that my awesome taste needed time to cultivate, I used to hate this song. It grew on me. Also, I probably didn’t get the point as a child, let alone care.

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