So, in August I took a nice, little break from work for almost but not quite a week to run off to Paul’s graduation, like I said, and then a brief beach getaway.

My love of the beach (and him…daww) outweighed my apprehension about traveling with his family for a few hours at a time in one car. Previous vacation experiences have taught me I’m about sick of most of my companions by the end, and long car rides are dangerous. And after all, one of my favorite Hemingway quotes is “Never go on trips with anyone you do not love.” It’s great advice.

Generally, I get along really well with his family, despite immense ideological differences (if someone tries to get me to eat meat or insinuates they’ll make me a Republican one more time…). Sometimes, though, when you’re the oldest of two and haven’t been around a child in several years, a family of eight where the youngest child is 10 can be a lot to take in. When we first started dating, his parents joked that I got the whole family with him. That’s well and good until busy schedules and his lack of employment mean zero time alone as a couple for several weeks.

Usually, I clash the most with his mom, albeit silently. We haven’t butted heads directly, but if he doesn’t call her off soon, we will. In fact, at this very moment, I’m waiting for a text from him regarding whether or not he has. The super short version to be extended on later: he’s 22 but stuck at home for now, she’s overbearing, and she needs to stop. I’m not dating a child, I’m not dating her, I feel like I have to fight her for his time, and unless all of these things change, Paul and I will be taking a break until he moves out.

Hence being afraid of the three-hour drive to State College. I figured Delaware would be more manageable because he’d be there, but on the way to State College, I’d be holding my own.

I did well, and no questionable things were really said (on their part–I truly have no idea when I’ll accidentally say something harmless that his mom will take offense to, which is yet another problem right now).

Traveling itself, though, was tiring and difficult. Actually, as much as State College grew on me, that was one tedious trip for me to make on my own by the time graduation rolled around, but at least I could truck on and get it done fast. Paul’s family is very much more stop-and-go. I don’t remember too many pit stops on the way to State College–just food and gas–but they certainly do take their time getting to places. By the time we got in, it was pretty much time to go to bed. So much for actually spending time with my boyfriend.

I slept in a room with his sisters, who are prone to the giggles but made it super fun, and he did come down and stay in there with us, so not all was lost.


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