This Will Probably Mostly Be a Rehashing

Sometimes, when the world is really chaotic, sick, and sad, my mom says, “If I was your age with the way things are right now, I’d seriously consider not having kids.”

I’ve always understood her point, but as I get older and as things get even more chaotic, sick, and sad, I find myself weighing that as an option, more heavily with each scary, hateful act, each shooting. Right now, I don’t want to bring a child into the world where they’ll have to face such extreme acts of violence, perhaps be a victim of one, or even worse, perhaps be the perpetrator. Because no amount of good parent can fix a disturbed, evil individual.

At the core, evil is responsible for today’s school shooting. I understand evil as best as anyone can. It’s here, and it always will be. People will always hurt each other.

Evil may be the problem, but it doesn’t have to be an excuse. The shooter–and every other shooter we’ve seen–may be evil, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t act.

Guns play a role–a huge one. One of my favorite Eddie Izzard quotes is “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people–but the gun helps.” A sweeping ban on guns isn’t the answer, and we may never have a good, appropriate, effective answer and certainly never will have one that pleases everyone, but something has to be done. People aren’t pushing for gun-control laws because they inherently dislike guns–they’re pushing for them because people keep getting killed and other people keep nearly ignoring it for the sake of a freedom. At this point, lives are more important than your right to own high-powered assault weapons.

The arguments are ridiculous. “Rape is illegal and people still get raped,” someone said on Twitter. But rape never killed 20-some kindergardeners within seconds, minutes at best. Others say had the teachers been armed, fewer people might’ve died. How is this a solution? How can we really look at a horrible mass murder and say that rather than try to prevent it with laws, regulation, education, and mental-health services we should instead arm teachers so they can shoot back if they have to? What’s next, arming the children?

We shouldn’t have to arm our teachers–or anyone–to prevent mass murder. We should actually prevent mass murder. 

After the Aurora shooting, I predicted that nothing would happen, nothing would change, and we’d see another mass shooting within six months. And here I sit, writing another post about gun control, and thinking once again that nothing will happen, nothing will change, and I’ll lay out all these points again. See you in six months.


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