Friday Five: Hurried

  1. When did you last find yourself in a real hurry? Saturday morning for Terra’s church wedding at noon. I actually stayed at my parents’ Friday night, thinking it would make it easier for me to get there on time since it was a shorter drive than from my apartment. It would’ve been fine if Brandon wouldn’t have stolen my spot in the shower. So he set me behind, making me late picking Paul up, making me late for the ceremony. I was only two minutes late and it was such a low-key ceremony they were down with waiting for me anyway, but still.
  2. Often, when we’re in a hurry, we make stupid mistakes. What’s an example from your life that supports this, and what do you do to prevent such things from happening again? When I’m writing and not paying attention, or even just typing fast and stumbling, I make more typos, sometimes terrible and ridiculous and silly. I’m usually late for work, so I often drive too fast when I shouldn’t. That’s about it, though. I seem to fuck up on bigger levels when I have plenty of time on my hands.
  3. Why are some people so loud in places where quieter voices are usually appropriate, such as this cafe that’s closing in a couple of minutes, where these high-schoolers are being so loud it’s difficult for me to write these questions? I think it’s an issue of groups most of the time, especially with high-school and even college kids. Groups get rowdier more quickly and more easily by nature, plus I think you end up having people competing for each other’s attention, whether they realize that’s what’s happening or not. And then some people just have deep loud, voices–Paul is one and I often find myself telling him to take it down a notch depending on where we are. Brandon’s voice isn’t as deep, but it carries in the same way.
  4. How’s 2013 treating you so far? Tough call. Overall, it’s been good–just the past week, really, has blown, but that’s half the year so far. I found some shitty Tweets, someone found this blog and seemingly sent it to everyone else, and I was confronted about talking about things with Brett though strangely by Marion. Now, only time will tell what, if any, fallout will happen, but I was more or less told to let things be–after I’d already stated on here that’s exactly what I was going to do, at least prior to Monday. I will say there’s a vast difference between talking about my personal experiences here where no one’s really paying attention and him more directly attacking me as a person where people are paying attention. But then, also ironically, Marion and I exchanged apologies and forgivenesses and seem to be moving toward a resolution and repair. So the good has come with the bad. But I did cry for an hour while Paul held me last night.
  5. Are you more of a December person or a January person? What does this mean, anyway, and why are you whatever you are? Initially, I thought I was more of both, but I think I’m actually more of a December person. I love the New Year and the automatic fresh start it brings, but that’s really only the fun of January, especially in Pennsylvania. January means it’s cold (except for this weekend with record-high temperatures in the 60s), and New Year’s is the only holiday and fun we get. We’re all confused and still write 2012 on everything and it’s still getting dark early. But in December, especially since I’m such a fan of Christmas, we get to decorate and prepare for Christmas and see family (in my case, this is actually a good, happy thing) and shop and everything is decorated and pretty. It’s still cold and it still snows, but with holidays and decorations, it has more romance to it. January is more harsh.

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