My mom and I have always been fascinated by psychics. Brandon has a kind of fringe interest in it, and my dad just completely dismisses all alleged psychics as frauds who are using probability, the power of suggestion, and trickery.

My mom has seen a few psychics, some she thinks were frauds, including one she thought picked up on her desires at the time and told her what she wanted to hear (she wanted to live on a beach, psychic told her she would, my mom lives in Pennsylvania). Meri and I gave in to a palm reader in Pittsburgh who told us all sorts of things, like she’d have four kids and I’d marry a man in a suit. She got a few things right–Meri is no longer dating the guy she was then and some conflict friends were involved in did get resolved in the timeline she predicted, but I wasn’t actually impressed.

But my mom also used to see an astrologer, Claire, and I used to love when she would come back and tell me what Claire told her. I still love hearing about things Claire told her, especially things I’ve forgotten about. In an early session with Claire, my newly single mother was told that she’d be married within one or two years. It happened. Claire also predicted both Brandon and I, as well as my dad’s deployment. My mom even suspects she knew my grandfather was going to die–she’d mentioned heart problems she thought my maternal grandfather would have shortly after my paternal grandfather had a heart attack while visiting someone else in the hospital. Claire also told my mom things about Brandon and I. The one that stands out most to me was when I had a heavier interest in pursuing music or theater–Claire told her my star sign (I’m on the cusp of Gemini and Cancer) meant I would be a good performer and that my mother shouldn’t stop me from pursuing it. My interest shifted to writing.

My Aunt Regina was the one who heard about the Angel Ladies, two women in Pittsburgh who claim to communicate with the Other Side. She was pleased with her reading, although I can’t remember the details. I remember, though, they knew things about my grandparents they just couldn’t have known.

That’s common–they know a lot of things they couldn’t–too much to be frauds. And they didn’t know anyone’s names or anything about any of us before any of our readings, so they weren’t looking us up.

Aunt Gina had them at her house. You can book them for an evening, and they’ll do private sessions about a half-hour long each. I went straight from work on a Friday night. I was nervous but excited, and I knew a lot of other people cried during their sessions. My mom’s coworker Tina was there, had just finished her reading, and was impressed by what they knew. My mother was in hers at the time. I ate some soup and waited. My mom came out crying but pleased. I forget most of hers, too, but they talked about my grandparents. She was disappointed that they talked more about me than Brandon, and this focus on one child is what’s led other relatives to not share their readings with their kids. Brandon didn’t really care, though, and went for his own reading anyway a few weeks later.

As for mine?

They were set up in my aunt’s little private living room, smaller, cozier, and separate from the larger family room that ended up being a waiting area for everyone else. They had three chairs pulled very close together, a table, and incense burning. One was taking a bathroom break, but I sat with the other and she immediately started listing names. I didn’t recognize any but said I didn’t know a lot about my dad’s family. She told me they were strong with me anyway and follow me. She also knew they were German and later that my mom’s side has Polish.

I started recording about then, so I have everything on tape–at times strangely garbled and distorted, and I used this same recorder in an animal shelter full of barking dogs for an interview. Sure, I couldn’t hear over the dogs in some sections and lost some good stuff, but I don’t remember the sound quality itself actually being poor.

Moving on.

I can’t give them too much credit for some things. They did know my mom was there, although they didn’t know initially she had gone before me. Interestingly, the first woman started by asking my name and when I told her, she said, “Did you just tell me that before?” I hadn’t. But when she asked if my mom was there and found out my mom was her previous client, she said, “That’s why I know your name.” They knew my job, too, but they’d also heard that from my mother, so I can’t let them have it.

When the other one came in and started, they noted very quickly that my grandmother was “on the other side.” Now, both of my grandmothers are dead, but I didn’t want to give too much away, so I just said, “Okay.” Later, one of the ladies said, “But you don’t know which one I’m talking about.” That hit me.

They chatted a bit about the spirits in my aunt’s house, then opened with a prayer.

They gave me lots of names–Seth, a cousin’s name. They got Michael, which is Brandon’s middle name, but Michael has also come up in discussions of my guardian angel. They knew my great-grandma’s name but strangely kept talking about her as if she’s already dead. My mother said they did the same with her. This makes me nervous.

They picked up on my dad’s mom almost immediately, too. She died when I was almost two years old, so I don’t remember her, but I was really hoping to hear from her. I inhaled sharply when they brought her up. They told me she knew my grandfather had another lady after she died and said it wasn’t a big deal, though in retrospect I’m not sure if they meant his current wife, the woman he was seeing at the same time as this wife, or a possible affair he was having. He did have at least one. Later on, they picked up his dead sister, but they kept getting things wrong about her. That said, she did during childbirth. They also picked up on an alcoholic in the family, but addictions don’t follow me.

They knew my maternal grandma’s name, too–Eleanor–and said she was beautiful. She was. Apparently, she also said I should have taken up piano. “You could’ve done that,” she said. There’s still time. She also says I could use my creativity more–we’ll get back to that. They knew I dream about her sometimes–and whenever I dream of either of them, that’s them communicating with me–and said she tucks me in at night. I wish I’d remember this when I have bad, hard nights.

They talked more about my job and mentioned a New York connection. The company doesn’t have offices in New York, but they see work taking me there or moving me in general and said, “The house that you live in is not here.” They also saw a California connection, including a possible move to Los Angeles and working in production. They actually called Los Angeles my “first stop.” They also were picking up offices in four different states–technically, we’re in three but bought out a smaller company in a fourth state.

Within the first five minutes, they brought up marriage. I didn’t mention Paul, but they did later–and they knew we’d been together for two years at that point. “What are you waiting for?” my grandma says, but Pap Pap said we’ve already discussed it and are just waiting. We’re going to get married, we’re going to have a boy and a girl, and they see me living in a cottage, perhaps in a past life in England. He wants to marry me bad, he’s crazy about me, I love him, and they were relieved that we’re not living together–grandma would be upset. Pap Pap would be, too, but Pap Pap doesn’t come through much for anybody and wasn’t really brought up until I asked them what he thinks of Paul.

Paul also has a good intuition, they said, and I should listen to him if he feels strongly about something being good or bad (he’s already kind of proven himself here). They also said he’s a dreamer. Paul also comes from a good family, but Grandma isn’t too sure about his mom–she says she’s “odd,” “hard for her too read,” “not always friendly,” and that I don’t know how to take her even though she’s a very nice woman. This will become relevant later when I talk about the epic frustrations and pain she has caused me.

They say Paul’s a hard worker. They also say he’s not where he wants to be (he’s not) and talked about job prospects. They gave us advice, which we followed, but it has yet to land him anything. Pap Pap thinks he’s wonderful and likes his determination to do better, and the fact that Pap Pap was a machinist and Paul’s involved in that field is a compliment to Pap Pap’s energy. He’s not lazy, and if he were, Pap Pap “would’ve kicked him out of” my life. Pap Pap also knew his grandfather.

As for Pap Pap, he was like a father to me, especially according to him. Funny considering I think of him as one of my strongest and best male role models I ever had. He also said I don’t put up with much. They knew I’d cut my hair, which Pap Pap doesn’t like, but they say I’ll grow it long again and will have it long when I get married.

The fact that my dad and I don’t get along is “his stuff,” not mine–his personality and how he looks at things. He’s very opinionated, even when he’s not right. I shouldn’t feed into it, but Pap Pap told them I do anyway.

They told me lots of other things. I’m healthy. I have a lot of angels around me. Spirits from the other side help me so that if I want something and visualize it, it’s attainable, and I’ve already proven this in my work by already accomplishing things I was afraid I wouldn’t. I get goodness and calming energy from my mom’s side. They picked up something to do with special-needs children, and the only thing I could think of is some kids Terra has worked with. They said I’m my mom’s best friend. I have a good heart and light around me, and as long as I keep that, no one can interfere with my energy. I try to love everyone. I tell it like it is, and Grandma likes that. Sometimes when I look at the sky and think it looks heavenly, it’s my grandfather giving me a sign, especially because he’s with me when I drive. That’s when he can get my attention–he can’t do it at work, he says. Grandma thinks my friend Bobby is cute. I do remember her liking him when we went to prom. They knew about Pap Pap’s skill at gardening and said he’ll pass it on to me if I ask him, plus I’ll be a “back to nature” girl.

As for that creativity? I have a lot of it, with lots of colors around me, and I have a gift for writing. Pap Pap thought my college manuscript was very good and I could and should make a living writing, which is the long-term goal. They say I’ll publish a book.


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