Top 5 on Friday: Warmth

Top 5 albums that warm you up

 1. The Rent soundtrack I’m on a kick. I happened to play (read: CRANK AT FULL VOLUME) in my car not too long ago, and it’s a classic example of something that warms and breaks your heart many times. Overall, though, between the songs about Christmas and New Year’s, the love stories, and the epic rockness (and, you know, the scene in the movie where they set shit on fire and even sing about setting shit on fire), it’s warming.
2. Theatre Is Evil by Amanda Palmer If you didn’t see this coming, you don’t pay attention to most of my Top 5s or even what I write about. Rock warms me in general. Amanda warms me through being badass and like a best friend I’ve never met or even talked to (outside of Twitter–she has retweeted and replied to me more than a few times). The lyrical content does it (except for when it breaks my heart), and rocking out does it. It’s an uplifting album, for all of its highs and lows.
3. The Jersey Boys soundtrack/Frankie Valli’s greatest hits I’ve included them both due to lots of overlap but yet not enough to not lump them together. Really, they enhance each other in terms of definitive Valli, and the sound quality of Jersey Boys is good enough that unless you’re intimately familiar with Valli and the Four Seasons, it almost sounds like you’re listening to a really good remaster. Now, the songwriting and songs included on both make for more highs and lows–which all albums on this list so far do–to the point that just listening to Jersey Boys occasionally leaves me feeling emotionally drained, and on my way home for Thanksgiving in the midst of drama with Paul and his mom, I started crying a few songs into the greatest hits and I did not stop and could not stop until basically the CD was over. That’s something like an hour’s drive and 20 songs. That said–and this is partly why I cried so damn much–is Frankie Valli has written some of the best love songs music has ever seen. Ever. Period. “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You,” obviously, but even the bittersweet “My Eyes Adored You” or “Let’s Hang On (To What We’ve Got).”
4. The Across the Universe soundtrack Beatles covers are usually sacrilegious, but Across the Universe did them justice and is similar to Jersey Boys in the sense that you’ve got some of the band’s best songs with some epic musical arrangements. Rocking out to love songs. Aww, yeah. Hot.
5. The Essential Elvis Presley Come on, it’s the king. One of the frontrunners of rock (I can’t let him claim it–that goes to Buddy Holly), so you’ve got that solid early songwriting plus all the pizazz and pep he brought to things. All that hip-shakin’ is bound to warm one up, even if Brandon does insist that Elvis was America’s rebound from Buddy Holly. 

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