My Brother Is 21 Now

So, Brandon turned 21 in November.

We celebrated on his actual birthday by going out to a local bar, Potter’s, with some family. Got some sandwiches, which are good and cheap there, and drinks. They forgot how to make a mojito, so I looked it up and we did our best. It was way strong and had mint flavoring rather than fresh mint, but it wasn’t a bad effort. Apparently, they were afraid it was because I drank it so damn slow, but that’s how I drink everything, especially when it’s so strong a cocktail.

He got a case of Yuengling as a gift, plus some other gems, I’m sure. I don’t know. I don’t keep track of my brother’s inventory–just the money he owes me for things like theater tickets.

We technically celebrated twice, and other than good food and drinks, I don’t remember a whole hell of a lot of either.

The second one was at Hofbrauhaus. We ate delicious food, got a little tipsy, and did a shotski. And someone was in there wearing a giraffe mask, which blew my mind and was hilarious and made me turn into a huge creep trying to get a good picture of it before he took it off. I succeeded.


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