Friday Five: Cereal

  1. What was your favorite breakfast cereal when you were a kid? Count Chocula. And while we’re talking about it, one of my most vivid childhood memories is my dad being a dick and taking all the marshmallows out. I went crying to my mom, who yelled at him while he laughed. I was probably three, four at most. And people wonder why we don’t get along. (Honorable mentions to Frosted Mini Wheats and Fruit Loops)
  2. What’s your favorite breakfast cereal now? They haven’t really changed. I also love Cheerios more now.
  3. Where does cereal rank on your list of favorite breakfasts? Actually, pretty low. I prefer, in sort of this order, eggs, crepes, breakfast sandwiches containing eggs, pancakes, waffles.
  4. What serial novels or films have you most recently enjoyed? I read Neil Gaiman’s Sandman offshoot The Dream Hunters not long ago.
  5. What recently surreal experience have you gone through? Almost everything surrounding my falling out with Brett and Nolan. I was so surprised by not just their initial gripe with me but also the entire sequence of events leading up to almost now that I truly could not believe it was happening. And on that note, literally crying into Paul’s chest for an hour is pretty surreal, too, since I hate crying in front of people.

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