The Who

For some reason, I was thinking we’d seen The Who later in the fall, but it was actually the same week as Suavity’s Mouthpiece, Brandon’s Birthday, and Neil Gaiman. I would forget when I attended I concert.

We got the tickets completely spur of the moment when they came up on discount ticketing site ScoreBig. I called my mom, I said, “Hey, these tickets are up,” and we got seats on the floor around the middle for something like 10% off or better.

The played Quadrophenia in its entirety, which I’m actually quite unfamiliar with. I played it every morning as I got ready for work so I’d change that, which was helpful, but I still didn’t know lyrics (except for “Love Reign O’er Me,” which everyone knows but isn’t the best on the album). But in the words of my dad, “Who cares? It’s still The Who.” Point taken.

They played a great show, as they’re expected to. They’re another band that falls into the category of old rockers kicking way more ass than new ones. The show gave me a greater appreciation for Quadrophenia, and I bought a physical, used copy the following weekend in Pittsburgh. And if you’re looking for physical, used copies of any album and are in Pittsburgh, Dave’s Music Mine on the South Side, right on East Carson St., is where you want to go. Good prices, great selection, and great staff. That’s also where I hit part of my famous Erasure goldmine and dropped $70 on music in one trip. I plan to hit them hard on Record Store Day.


After Quadrophenia, The Who went right into a brief greatest hits set, basically covering their most well-known songs. And the one everyone was waiting for was motherfucking “Baba O’Reily.” I famously took to social media about the girl next to me who was on Facebook or something in the middle of it. Now, smartphones (and the fact that Paul and I used to be long distance) have made me guilty of checking my phone in concerts as the band plays, where normally I’d save that for set changes. It’s a matter of respect, even in a rock atmosphere. But to be playing on your phone during such a classic song is ridiculous. Really, I’m not even sure what she was doing there. She seemed like she got dragged with a friend and boyfriends. I don’t like to question a concertgoer’s dedication or motives, but if you don’t give any shits at all, you belong in the cheap seats, not the floor.

But I made up for her. I rocked harder than I have rocked in a long while, and I fucking loved it.


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