Friday Five: Lights

As always, from Friday Five.

  1. Where’s a good place to check out some pretty lights? Pittsburgh’s Mt. Washington, Grandview Ave. It overlooks the city, complete with overhangs that are perfect for gazing down and taking pictures. I don’t have any good nighttime pictures of the city from Grandview, but one day, I’ll post my pretty day shots.
  2. How well do you sleep with the lights on? If I’m tired enough, I will pass right out. If I get bothered it all, it’ll be after I’ve been sleeping for a little while. On a normal night, though, I prefer dark. I often fall asleep watching “South Park” on my Mac at night, and gradually the light of the screen bothers me if I don’t fall asleep quickly.
  3. What’s your favorite song with the word “light” or “lights” in the title? Favorite as of now is probably “Starlight” by Muse, “Back to the Light” by Brian May, and “Lighting Myself on Fire” by Jukebox the Ghost. “Everlasting Light” by The Black Keys is a good one, as is “There Is a Light That Never Goes Out” by either Morrissey or Anberlin, and “There’s a Light” from Rocky Horror. That’s quite a bit more than I could initially think of. Thanks, iTunes!
  4. What “light” version of some food or drink is as good as (or better than) its regular version? I honestly can’t think of one because I avoid light foods. I just don’t care enough and tend to think you lose flavor and quality.
  5. Which light in your house seems to need changing the most frequently, and which the least? I have yet to change a lightbulb in my apartment! My car’s headlights, meanwhile, have gone out twice in one year. I also recently had to replace a brake light.

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