So, Christmas was nice, except for the part where I got pissed off at Paul’s mom. We were hosting Christmas this year, eating at a certain time and everything, and Paul said he’d be there. And he was there–just a few hours late because they just had to make other plans after she already knew he’d arranged to be at my house. It was an example of one of the more irksome problems we face with him living at home–almost always, whenever something is happening, the whole family has to go. When you’re at a point where relatives are starting to inquire about a possible marriage but spending Christmas together–even just a few hours on Christmas Eve–is a hassle, there’s a problem.

Other than that, though, all was nice. The food was excellent, I had a lot of fun hanging out with all my lovely cousins, and fun presents were exchanged. It’s obviously been damn months so I don’t remember everything, but highlights were a David Bowie ring from Meri, one of those nifty candles with a diamond ring in it from Aunt Gina, and a custom-made interrobang stamp from Paul, which is probably the nerdiest gift I’ve ever received. I wish the interrobang would come back and be a real punctuation mark.

Christmas morning was probably the same old, same old of someone coming to wake me up and me taking twice as long to open presents because I examine every little thing. My mom got annoyed with me one Christmas when my dad was deployed because she’d bought me a neat set of shower gels with scents like buttercream icing and peach, and I insisted on smelling each one.

When I was little and I watched my older cousins open practical gifts, I used to think that it must be terrible to grow up and get boring household items or clothes. But now that most of what I got this Christmas was boring household items, I’m actually really excited by it. My mom spoiled us both yet again, and I got a Keurig, a little cart for it, various cooking utensils, etc. I’m pretty excited. I have yet to use some, but I love the Keurig and its cute little cart/stand.

The holiday ended peacefully, and I made home with many treasures, some of which have yet to put away. One day, I’ll even finish unpacking.


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