New Year’s

For New Year’s, Paul and I headed over to Sarah’s. From the sounds of it, other friends were supposed to go but never showed, but I had a good time!

It was a typical New Year’s at Sarah’s. It was my second consecutive one there and I think the third ever, but it was the usual booze, karaoke, and good times. Emma was adorable as always, babbling in hilarious baby language that mostly only she understood. She also climbed everywhere and pulled all the books off of one of the shelves.

Once again, it did include moonshine, and once again, I loved it, though I didn’t drink much because Paul and I were heading to my parents’ rather than staying at Sarah’s all night, I believe mostly because my whole family was going gambling for New Year’s Day.

We ended up trapped at Sarah’s for a while because my car was blocked in, so we hung out and met her sort of male suitor, Garrett. Sarah and Nicole broke up somewhere around Thanksgiving after changed feelings and she met Garrett at a Shed party. He was nice yet rude–he was funny and we generally liked him, but he sent some foul texts to Nicole. Since then, he’s also been very confusing. I don’t think anybody knows what’s going on except for him.

When we did get to my parents’, Brandon’s girlfriend, her sister, and a friend were over but getting ready to leave. Brandon and Paul ended up playing Magic the Gathering for God knows how long–I picked my drinking back up while I watched Kathy Griffin stand-up specials, and when my glass was empty and I was too tired to keep drinking, I fell asleep on the couch. Brandon and Paul woke me up sometime around 4:00 in the morning or something to let me know they were done and going to sleep, so I shuffled off, took my contacts out, makeup off, changed, shuffled back to the sunroom, and fell asleep again.

We got up the next morning. Paul’s dad picked him up while the rest of us got ready to gamble.

Now, in my half-asleep, possibly half-drunk stupor and with dry contacts at that, I managed to rip one of the lenses when I took it out and realized that when I went to put them in the next morning. Normally, this isn’t a problem–I carry a little green pouch with my overnight bag that has spares lenses and/or glasses (plus my makeup and such). Except this was the one time I managed to forget it. I had no spare anything on me, and I needed to drive home after we went to the casino, and I can’t drive without any sort of visual aid. Not if you don’t want me to be a hazard.

Half the point of going to the casino early in the morning was the breakfast buffet. We were already running late and my dad was already annoyed, even though the buffet lasted until early afternoon. But we had to alter our plans because me spending an entire day not being able to see too far in front of me just couldn’t happen. So my parents set off for the casino and I had Brandon drive my car to my apartment so we could get my contacts. It worked out well–my apartment isn’t so far from either my parents’ or the casino that it drastically delayed us, and my parents just gambled until we got there and could all eat together.

The buffet was amazing. It was a New Year’s champagne brunch, which I hit hard. I loaded my plate up with everything from real breakfast foods to desserts to sushi, and damn did I love that champagne for breakfast, too.

The actual gambling part was a lot of fun. At first, I was just bleeding money, but later on, I built it back up and technically left with less money than I started with, but my mom gave us our gambling money and let us keep whatever we get, so I left with money anyway–and I needed it desperately, even if it was only 40 bucks. That’s a tank of gas.

I spent most of the day, not surprisingly, at a Wizard of Oz slot machine. It was the most fun for me, being my favorite movie and all, plus I was actually doing really well on it for a really long time. I loved it so much that I went back for a second round on it after I took a break when it started bleeding my dry.

I’d just like to go back, please!


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