Friday Five: Lasts

  1. At a gathering of your usual social group, who’s almost certain to show up last? No matter the group, me. Sometimes Terra beats me and Paul is also late for everything all the time. In fact, if we get married, I guarantee we’ll both be late. But yeah, it’s usually me.
  2. Of chores that must be done this weekend, which will you probably complete last, and why? Cleaning of any kind or the dishes. I work full-time then come home and juggle downtime and editing business, so cleaning the apartment is dead last on my to-do list. It pretty much only gets cleaned the night before or very day I’m expecting company. Sure, I’ll pick up a little here and there, but nothing noticeable will happen until next weekend, hands down.
  3. Some TV remote controls have a “last” button. If you were to turn your TV on now and hit the “last” button on the remote, which channel would you be taken to? I don’t have cable, but if I did or if I were at my parents’, probably TLC or ID.
  4. Your task is to try one scoop of ice cream per day until every one of thirty-one flavors is consumed. Which do you save for last? Probably whatever sounds the most appealing as as to sort of reward myself.
  5. When did you last have an awful meal in a restaurant? Honestly, I can’t ever remembering having a meal in a restaurant that was awful. I know I don’t like certain places and find them mediocre–like Denny’s and Golden Corral–but I can’t think of something that I thought was actually awful.

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