Friday Five: Snacking

  1. What’s your favorite crunchy snack? Probably any kind of chip, preferably Sun Chips. Or Cheetos. Or a little plate of veggies, actually, but things like that are more common in the summer for me.
  2. What’s your favorite chewy, gooey, or mushy snack? Annie’s Homegrown organic bunny fruit snacks. Any flavor.
  3. What’s generally not considered a snack food but is something you love to snack on? Fruit, sort of. It’s considered a snack food but generally isn’t snacked on the same way cookies and chips and such are. I’m also good for snacking on salads or small sandwiches, like peanut butter and jelly or tomato.
  4. What packaged snack have you tried but would recommend others avoid? I can’t think of one. I like almost everything.
  5. What four snacks would you put on your Mount Rushmore of snacks? Annie’s Homegrown bunny fruit snacks, Sun Chips (preferably Garden Salsa), Tagalong Girl Scout cookies, and a tie between fresh fruit/berries or little veggies. In fact, even as a kid, I used to love ordering just a plate of raw veggies with ranch dressing at the country club my grandfather belonged to.

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